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What can your energy data reveal?

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

In the 21st century it is near impossible for an industrial or commercial facility to operate without electricity. An enormous part of operating expenditure, energy consumption is still considered to be a black box. Fuel and Electricity bills inform us how much energy we are buying for our facility however, it is impossible to determine how and when this energy is being consumed or wasted.

You are not alone if you have wondered:
  1. Is my electricity bill correct?

  2. How can I reduce my electricity and fuel bills while maximizing production?

  3. Which machines are consuming how much electricity?

  4. Which parts of my facility are consuming energy during downtime?

  5. How do I know when a machine might need maintenance?

Installing Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and collecting energy data is the first step towards answering all these questions and more. From reducing wasted energy to predictive maintenance of your equipment, it can provide real actionable insights into your operations. It can identify machines consuming more energy than they are supposed to be, and suggest ways to reduce energy wastage. Non-energy data can be used for normalisation and benchmarking. Production data, occupancy data, weather data and building floor area are useful for putting context around your kWh consumption. It is important to monitor facility energy performance and to verify that the building is performing as designed. An effective energy analytics platform will streamline energy data analysis through automatic trending and normalisation of energy data against key variables.

Manually recording energy metrics can not only be tedious and gruesome but also very inefficient to derive analytical insights. Even spreadsheet programs like excel are plagued with slow computing speed and awkward calculation methods which cannot provide real time, in-depth processes.

Energeia provides a centralised SaaS-based system which can eliminate challenges like manual entry, data delays, compatibility issues, etc. associated with currently employed methodologies. We simply and streamline complex energy analysis as well as reporting to just a few clicks of the button so you can focus on other critical business activities.

Intelligent energy monitoring has proven energy intensive industries like cement, textiles and other manufacturing units to be more competitive by reducing their costs through waste mitigation. In such settings Energeia’s platform helps through the following features:

  • View complete breakdown of energy consumption of individual machines in a timestamped manner and compare daily consumption patterns with each other.

Breakdown Tab
  • Analytical engine generates consumption trends of the past month and compares real time values with it, enabling baseline generation.

Expected Load vs Actual Load
  • Create custom alarms and get alerted when energy consumption deviates from usual observed pattern, enabling predictive and preventive maintenance.

  • Develop and track customized KPIs by overlaying data from multiple meters and production data to create a new datapoint.

  • Analyze and forecast potential monetary savings that can be unlocked in specific machines by certain process or behavioral changes.

  • Monitor and Verify the energy savings enabled by an Energy Efficiency Project in the facility. Create comprehensive reports to document the Project.

If you would like to talk to us about your energy efficiency projects, please contact us for a free demo of our platform.


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