Industries account for 42 % of Energy consumption in India, with this number going up to more than 50% by 2030.  Energy is the key input required in every industry, be it in the form of electricity, natural gas, diesel, coal or agricultural feedstock. 


This increasing consumption is hurting the bottom line for industries and is responsible for 51% of the total GHG emissions. Even commercial and residential sectors are suffering without a clear solution in sight. Lack of technologically grounded holistic solutions for customers in emerging countries is damaging both the environment and their bottom line.


Energeia is dedicated to working with its customers as partners. We don’t sell products rather we build solutions with our customers. Providing the customer with one single point of responsibility, minimizing project risk and complexity.


We don't just undertake one retrofit or sell a single product. Rather, we begin our journey with our customer by continuously monitoring their energy intensive machines. Constant Monitoring of equipment highlights potential Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) that can be deployed to reduce energy consumption of the said machine. Energeia finances and implements the Energy Conservation Measure, and undertakes Monitoring and Verification of the ECM on its Energy Management System (EMS), making savings visible and verifiable for the customer.

We also share both the capital expenditure as well as the savings generated by the technology. This shared savings model keeps the customer and us equally invested in the project, ensuring committed delivery and execution of the project.


Energeia is dedicated to working with its customers as partners. We don’t sell products rather we build complete solutions for our customers. 

Energeia realises that high upfront capital cost of new technology acts as a hinderance for facility owners. Energeia works on a Shared Savings Model. We finance and deploy Energy Savings Technologies at its customers sites, and in return keep a portion of the savings enabled by our solutions for a fixed period of time. After the tenure of the contract, the Energy Saving Technology is transferred to the Client at no cost. This ensures that both the customer and Energeia are equally committed to generate savings. 

In order to service commercial and residential customers, we offer our Energy Monitoring Systems on SaaS model to our commercial customers while our dual fuel and monitoring solutions are available on a rental model for residential communities. 


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