We are team of resourceful and courageous entrepreneurs working on the frontlines of sustainable development to transition energy and emission intensive facilities into cleaner and energy efficient operations. We provide an end-to-end service for monitoring, identifying, financing and implementing solutions within a shared savings business model. Allowing our customers to achieve more while reducing their energy bills.


We believe the world’s fourth industrial revolution is a ‘resource revolution’, which will require us to leverage our technological capabilities to optimize the use of our limited natural resources. At Energeia, we have started our journey with fuel conversion systems and energy monitoring but we don’t intend to stop until we build a sustainable energy ecosystem that is clean, decentralized and digitally optimized.


Our model is focused on unlocking the profitability in sustainability. The challenge is not technological but it lies in building systems that can quantify and monetize the savings generated by these technologies. Our digital monitoring and verification systems are a breakthrough in quantifying this value and our shared savings business model allows us to monetize these savings while reducing capital and operational costs for our customers. We like to think of it as a win-win-win scenario for the planet, our customers and the company.


The future lies in cleaner production and sustainable consumption. The best way to predict the future is to create it. Join us and we’ll do it together!


Energeia’s team lies at its core. Our technologies, processes, and systems will inevitably evolve and pivot as we grow our services and customer base. The seeds and nurture to enable this growth will come from us, the owners of Energeia. We are not a company that is built on exploiting the employees to boost profit margins rather we enable our indispensable team members to grow the company with their hard work and ideas.

Along with ownership, every employee is bestowed with great responsibility. We are breathing life into a new energy reality through our work at Energeia. Bold innovation or even incremental new ideas take effort that goes beyond what can be planned or anticipated. Our behavior is guided more by values than by rules. We will build our strategy, systems, and processes as a team. However, you will see that every individual action has a clear impact on Energeia’s bottom line. You must be willing to plunge in, take that extra step, identify that new opportunity, spend that extra hour and engage with the customer to understand his needs and thought process. 


We were founded on the principle that anything that can be measured can be managed. This value is reflected not only within our approach to energy systems but also in our approach to business systems and processes.

We believe in consistently testing our new ideas, systems, and technologies using empirical data. This is of course easier said than done. To cultivate this mindset, we encourage our team to view every challenge and situation with a data-driven lens. In some cases, we need to imagine the metrics we want and build the requisite data collection and processing systems to obtain them. In others, we have to consider what could be an opportunity in the future and make provisions for the requisite data to be collected to be able to unlock that opportunity. 


Personal and professional growth of every person at Energeia is critical to their future and that of Energeia’s. Fostering and investing in people-centric development is essential to Energeia.

We believe it is important to seek opportunities for exponential growth. We must constantly be growing professionally as managers, technical experts and financiers while growing personally as passionate, mission driven and emotionally intelligent human beings. Building for the future has an extremely steep and knowledge-intensive learning curve as you are creating something that doesn’t currently exist. This requires careful study and research of the past attempts at solving the challenge, constant upskilling, acquiring new technologies to calculate risk and the mental courage to pursue the vision in spite of external and internal resistance. None of us can predict the future but we can and will definitely be a part of building it.


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If you are equally passionate about building a sustainable future of efficient consumption and clean production and want to be a part of a team of talented men and women, reach out to us through our careers page.


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Transforming how industries produce, monitor and consume energy. The smartest way to manage your energy.



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