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Energeia Enables this Transition for You

We are pioneering a data driven bottom up approach towards the energy transition. By developing the building blocks of a clean, intelligent, and distributed energy ecosystem within existing facilities, we can optimize the energy efficiency and accelerate the pace of adoption of clean intermittent energy.

Energeia: Let's Make Our Own Grid

Energeia: Let's Make Our Own Grid

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To build a more sustainable, highly digitized, and dynamic energy system, we must begin by fixing how we consume, produce and measure energy within our facilities. Linear value chains supporting a one-way power flow from centralized generation to end users have fostered the misconception that an energy transition is only about how energy is produced. But in reality, the energy transition ahead of us is much more complex and its success depends on our ability to modify not only how and where we produce energy but also how and when we store and consume it.


This is where Energeia comes in.


We start by digitizing and optimizing the on-site production of energy, i.e. by retrofitting existing diesel generators. The new digitized infrastructure enables a plug and play model for energy infrastructure. Allowing Energeia to plug in new technologies if and when they become available. 


From cost-efficient batteries to energy efficient motors, the infrastructure can be modified to minimize the cost of energy, and these cost reductions can be modeled and calculated even before the new technology is plugged in. Overtime, we would have enabled smart factories in smart cities to be powered by sustainable and smart energy systems. We are unlocking an opportunity to leapfrog into an energy future which will be clean, reliable, efficient and cost effective. Join us?




Our traditional coal-fired grid has served as well for more than 100 years. However, these linear one way Power Systems are compatible with neither our increasing energy demands nor new innovative technologies. To build a sustainable world, we need to solve our biggest problem -  energy.



Sustainable Energy Future is a distributed one. Energiea fundamentally believes in the power of Distributed Generation to disrupt the Energy Industry. Energeia’s Microgrids backbone is formed by the ‘Energy Cloud’, which enables cleaner, two way power and data flows. Each component of this cloud interacts with each other, to correctly determine the energy requirements.

A Smarter and
Efficient Transition
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