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Fixing Electricity Lines



Audits and Services

Energeia's team of subject matter experts in Energy Efficiency, Compressed Air, Process Heat, HVAC, Steam and Electrical Safety form the backbone of our company.


Our customers can tap into this expertise to get investment grade audits and professional services that enable them to unlock energy and emission savings as well as improve the quality and safety across your plant operations.

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Investment Grade Energy Audit

Following ISO 50002:2014, Comprehensive Energy Audits offer investment grade energy efficiency projects undertaken validated BEE Accredited Energy Auditors.


Basic Energy Audit

Basic Energy Audit are the key to a systematic approach for decision-making in the area of energy management within Industrial facilities. These audits are undertaken by BEE Accredited Energy Auditors.

Fixing Electricity Lines

Power Quality Audit

Power quality determines the relative frequency and severity of deviations in the incoming
power supplied to electrical equipment. Increasing number of power electronics within industries increase the deveiations causing damage to PLC, Computers and other sensitive equipments.

Electrical Circuit

Electrical Safety Audit

Checks the reliability, efficiency and safety of an organisation’s electrical system. This also includes a thermographic audit of the customer's electrical panels identify hard to detect industrial electrical safety issues.


Compressed Air Audit

Following the ISO 11011 standard for compressed air energy efficiency assessments, our Air Audits highlight 15-20% in energy savings potential. They covers efficiency assessment, leak survey, demand side pressure study and a dew point survey.

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Compressed Air Leak Survey

Trained professionals conduct a high sensitivity ultrasonic leak detection survey throughout the compressed air network. Our technology can identify leaks that cost as little as Rs. 100/Yr and can automatically calculate the financial loss on every leak.

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