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You can't manage something you don't measure.

Until now, your energy consumption has been like a black box. You know how much energy you are buying for your facility through your electricity and diesel bills. But how, when and where this energy is being consumed and wasted is impossible to determine.In spite of this energy being metered and readings logged, it is almost impossible to answer some basic questions like:

  1. Is my electricity bill correct?

  2. How can I reduce my electricity and fuel bills while maximizing production?

  3. Which machines are consuming how much electricity?

  4. Which parts of my facility are consuming energy during downtime? 

  5. How do I know when a machine might need maintenance?

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Your energy data can answer all these questions. From reducing wasted energy to predictive maintenance of your equipment, it can provide real actionable insights into your operations. The way you meter, collect and analyze this data just needs to change. And that is what we do at Energeia.


We work with our customers to figure out the energy questions that could unlock real savings for their facility. Then we integrate their existing meters and install new meters to collect the energy data we need. The data is sent by our IOT gateway devices to our Energy Monitoring System that analyzes this data and helps you answer your questions and begin your journey to realizing real energy savings.

With Energeia’s Solution you only pay for the energy you need, not the energy you buy. 

Reach out for your free walk-through audit!

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View complete breakdown of energy consumption of individual machines in a timestamped manner and compare daily consumption patterns with each other.


Analytical engine generates consumption trends of the past month and compares real time values with it, enabling baseline generation.


Create custom alarms and get alerted when energy consumption deviates from usual observed pattern, enabling predictive and preventive maintenance.

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Develop and track customised KPIs by overlaying data from multiple meters and production data to create a new datapoint.



Analyse and forecast potential monetary savings that can be unlocked in specific machines by certain process or behavioural changes.



Monitor and Verify the energy savings enabled by an Energy Efficiency Project in the facility. Create comprehensive reports to document the Project.

  • 2. Why do I need to monitor Specific Energy Consumption (SEC)?
    SEC is a measure of energy efficiency showing you the energy consumed per ton of production. With an increase in production, it is necessary to keep the SEC constant at the very least and aim to decrease it as much as possible for maximum energy efficiency. Monitoring the SEC will help achieve your energy efficiency goals of maximum production with minimized energy consumption.
  • 3. What all can be monitored using Energeia’s solution?
    The solution monitors all kinds of energy meters – water meters, gas flow meters, electrical meters, diesel flow meters, temperature sensors and vibration sensors. Monitoring can be done at the machine level (in case of large equipment) or the shed level (where few smaller machines share 1 meter).
  • 4. How will I know if my machine is consuming higher energy than it is supposed to?
    The sentinel trends tab is used to indicate the above. This tab contains a graph which shows the expected v/s actual consumption of energy based on past data enabling you to see whether or not the machine is consuming as much energy as it is supposed to. Based on these trends, you can customize the generation of alarms which will notify you when energy consumption deviates from usual observed patterns.
  • 5. Can my existing meters get linked to the platform?
    Yes, it is possible to integrate any existing meters having MODBUS communication capabilities with the Energeia platform.
  • 6. Can my energy records be uploaded on the platform?
    Yes, all previous energy data can be uploaded after arranging the data in a specific excel template. This data is then used to predict expected energy consumption levels.
  • 7. How will I identify potential Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) using the solution?
    Our solution continuously monitors the energy consumed by your specific machines and generates trends as compared to baseline industrial levels. Through this, you can realize whether the machinery is consuming energy as per the industrial levels or not. In case your machinery is consuming higher levels of energy our team provides you with ECMs to rectify the same. In addition to this you can see the effect of altering your energy usage on your expenditure by using our Operations Analyzer and Activity Map. Thus, you can find out the required amount of energy usage or number of hours that a machine needs to operate for to meet certain savings goals.
  • 8. Is there a minimum number of meters I have to monitor with the solution?
    No, there is no minimum number of meters that have to be monitored with the solution. Metering can be done at the machine level (in case of large equipment) or at the shed level (where few smaller machines are metered together).
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