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Convert Diesel Gensets to Dual-Fuel with Energeia

Patented American Technology

End-to-end Expert Customer Support

Guaranteed Cost Savings and Emission Reduction

The Most Sophisticated Dual Fuel Kit in India

Reduce your Fuel & Operating Costs

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 Lower your Carbon Emissions

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Comply with New
Environmental Regulations


Trusted By

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Energeia has successfully supplied, installed, and commissioned their Dual Fuel Kit on our 1500 KVA Cummins Diesel Generator.


We’re happy with the execution of the project and it has unlocked diesel savings and reduced our emissions as per norms prescribed by CAQM.

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Automotive Manufacturing, Hero Group

Energeia has successfully supplied, installed, and commissioned their Dual Fuel Kit on our 500 KVA Cummins KTA-19 Diesel Generator.


Their team helped us reduce our diesel consumption by 28%, unlocking ₹6 lakhs+ in diesel cost savings and 58% reduction in NOX emissions.

International Terry Toweling Factory in Haryana, India
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Successful Installations

Our Dual Fuel Kit is the most widely-tested and deployed technology on Diesel Generators across the world.


1500 kVA Cummins Diesel Generator in a mall in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.


Government Compliance &
Rules for Diesel Generators in India

Authority: The Commission for Air Quality Management
Date: 29 September, 2023
Deadline: 31st December, 2023

Diesel Generator

Upto 19 kW (Portable)

19 kW - 125 kW

125 kW - 800 kW

800 kW and above

Solution Required


Dual Fuel (Natural Gas and Diesel)

Dual Fuel (Natural Gas and Diesel) and Retrofit Emission Control Devices

Dual Fuel (Natural Gas and Diesel) or Retrofit Emission Control Devices

Restrictions on use

NON-GRAP: No restrictions GRAP: Not permitted.

No restrictions

No restrictions

No restrictions

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Why Trust the Energas Dual Fuel Kit

Energeia is the first company in India to work exclusively with the original patent holder on bi-fuel (dual-fuel) systems to build the best dual-fuel kits for Indian industries and commercial facilities.

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Gas Train

Pressure and Gas Quality

The Natural Gas first enters the Gas Train, which filters the gas, manages its pressure and ensures the overall safety of the gas supply to the Integrated Throttle Body (ITB).

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Gas Control Algorithm

The PLC controls the Dual Fuel system, monitoring the sensors and optimising Natural Gas flow from the Gas Train and ITB.

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Precise Air-Fuel Ration Management

The ITB ensures that optimum gas enters the Air Gas Mixer (AGM). The AGM is a patented device that is attached to the air inlet of the Generator and ensures a lean air-to-gas ratio.

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IOT Monitoring

Monitor and Protect

Through our Integrated IoT Monitoring System, we are able to monitor the performance and alarms within our Dual Fuel installations. This allows our customers and us to predict maintenance issues before they arise.

Adaptive Gas Control System

Gas flow control is precise with the Integrated Throttle Body (ITB), uniquely programmed for each engine and site conditions. The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) continuously monitors gas parameters to optimize the ITB’s position to provide optimum substitution, covering 15% to 100% of the engine load.

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Diesel Displacement Rate

The dual fuel kit is able to emulate the displacement curve below, reducing gas at lower loads and higher loads while maintaining the highest substitution from 50% to 80% engine load. Energeia’s Dual Fuel Kit works across the engines load curve (15% - 100%), ensuring that the generator runs on dual fuel mode, irrespective of the engine load.

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Benefits of EnerGas Dual Fuel Kits

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Minimised Operating Costs

Dual Fuel Kits reduce operating costs by displacing Diesel with cheaper natural gas/biogas offering fuel cost savings.

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Three-Stage Safety System

EnerGas employs a 3-stage safety system: solenoid valve, zero pressure regulator, and Throttle Body for gas control. It seamlessly switches to 100% Diesel if gas supply is interrupted or engine issues arise.

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Reduced Emissions

This technology reduces CO2 by 10%-23%, NOX and SOX by 40-60%, and Particulate Matter by up to 50 percent.

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Dynamic Load Protection

Our system optimizes gas usage for diverse loads. With a rapid 20 ms response, the Integrated Throttle Body adjusts gas flow, ensuring efficiency and engine safety during dynamic or block load operations.

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Enhanced Run Time

Incorporating piped gas extends diesel generator runtime, boosting efficiency, and minimizing interruptions.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Our system remotely monitors, predicts maintenance, and prevents equipment breakdowns with expert insights.

  • 2. Why do I need to monitor Specific Energy Consumption (SEC)?
    SEC is a measure of energy efficiency showing you the energy consumed per ton of production. With an increase in production, it is necessary to keep the SEC constant at the very least and aim to decrease it as much as possible for maximum energy efficiency. Monitoring the SEC will help achieve your energy efficiency goals of maximum production with minimized energy consumption.
  • 3. What all can be monitored using Energeia’s solution?
    The solution monitors all kinds of energy meters – water meters, gas flow meters, electrical meters, diesel flow meters, temperature sensors and vibration sensors. Monitoring can be done at the machine level (in case of large equipment) or the shed level (where few smaller machines share 1 meter).
  • 4. How will I know if my machine is consuming higher energy than it is supposed to?
    The sentinel trends tab is used to indicate the above. This tab contains a graph which shows the expected v/s actual consumption of energy based on past data enabling you to see whether or not the machine is consuming as much energy as it is supposed to. Based on these trends, you can customize the generation of alarms which will notify you when energy consumption deviates from usual observed patterns.
  • 5. Can my existing meters get linked to the platform?
    Yes, it is possible to integrate any existing meters having MODBUS communication capabilities with the Energeia platform.
  • 6. Can my energy records be uploaded on the platform?
    Yes, all previous energy data can be uploaded after arranging the data in a specific excel template. This data is then used to predict expected energy consumption levels.
  • 7. How will I identify potential Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) using the solution?
    Our solution continuously monitors the energy consumed by your specific machines and generates trends as compared to baseline industrial levels. Through this, you can realize whether the machinery is consuming energy as per the industrial levels or not. In case your machinery is consuming higher levels of energy our team provides you with ECMs to rectify the same. In addition to this you can see the effect of altering your energy usage on your expenditure by using our Operations Analyzer and Activity Map. Thus, you can find out the required amount of energy usage or number of hours that a machine needs to operate for to meet certain savings goals.
  • 8. Is there a minimum number of meters I have to monitor with the solution?
    No, there is no minimum number of meters that have to be monitored with the solution. Metering can be done at the machine level (in case of large equipment) or at the shed level (where few smaller machines are metered together).
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About Energeia

Others sell products. We deliver free energy savings.
  • Energeia is a data-driven energy service company focused on delivering energy and emission savings for large industrial and commercial facilities.


  • We build end-to-end solutions for customers, enabling them to transition to clean and affordable energy-efficient operations.


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Fuel Conversion

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HVAC And Chiller

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About Energeia
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