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Save upto 40% of energy costs in Chillers at 0 cost


Chiller Plants account for more than 30% of energy costs in a facility. In commercial buildings, they are most energy intensive machines, accounting for even more than 50% of the total energy costs. Yet they are hardly ever monitored. They work at unknown efficiencies, costing facilities more money than they are suppose to.

E-Chill is an end-to-end solution designed to unlock energy savings in Chiller Utility rooms at no cost to the customer. We finance the IOT monitoring equipment, know-how, and energy conservation measures in exchange for a percentage of savings we unlock. We believe in creating a win win-win scenario for the planet, our customers, and the company.


Energeia adopts a step wise approach in unlocking energy savings in a Chiller Plant.

The step wise process ensures that energy savings are unlocked through a data driven IOT based energy efficiency platform. It also ensures that the savings once unlocked, are monitored and verified within the same platform. This ensures accurate calculation of the savings.

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Energeia installs meters, sensors and flow meters at various locations in a Chiller plant. We also install meters and sensors on both the high side, as well as the low side of a Chiller Plant. These physical devices continuously collect various kinds of data and keep transmitting to Energeia's IOT based Energy Monitoring System (EMS) via its IOT gateway.


Continuous data collection helps in determining the machines health and efficiency, and in making informed decisions about the same.

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Energeia's IOT based Energy Monitoring System analyses the data collected from the physical meters. Machine Learning and AI based algorithms help the system to automatically identify energy savings opportunities within the Chiller Plant. 

With built-in IPMVP Protocol, we can also automatically Measure and Verify (M&V) Energy Savings generated by new Energy Conservation Measures implemented within your plant.

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Upon identification of the energy saving opportunities by our Energy Monitoring System, Energeia finances and implements those solutions in the Chiller Facilities. The implemented solutions are again monitored on the IOT platform to to verify the savings it has unlocked.​

Energeia works with its customers as partners. 

Energeia executes E-AIR under shared savings business model. Since we invest in the monitoring hardware, the IoT Solution, and the Energy Conservation Measures and get paid only when we save energy and improve your plant efficiency, we are committed to ensuring timely delivery and execution of the project.


In essence, you get to save energy with zero upfront risk, and pay when you save, and from what you save.

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