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Location: New Delhi  |  Type: Full Time

The mission of this role is to plan, manage and execute the installation & commissioning activities for various energy conservation measures being implemented by Energeia on Compressed Air Systems at its different Commercial & Industrial customers. 

  • Identifying inefficiencies in the existing Air Compressed Plants at Customer sites by analysing the installed Air Compressors, Dryers, Air Receivers, Pressure Gauges, Water Separators etc.

  • Selecting appropriate measures / solutions to rectify the inefficiencies in various sub-systems of the Air Compressor Plant.

  • Selecting & engaging subcontractors / erection vendors(mechanical/electrical/controls/civil) for site erection work as required for implementing the identified energy efficiency improvement measures

  • Successful installation & commissioning of various identified energy efficiency improvement measures

  • Maintaining and ensuring uptime of the installed sensors, meters and flow meters at Client site

  • Providing maintenance support to customer for various energy conservation measures installed

  • The right candidate would be paid a competitive salary

  • All work travel expenses would be reimbursed

  • The person should have at least 5 years of field service working with Air Compressors as described below:

    Mechanical Experience:

  • Selection of appropriate air compressor, dryers, air receivers & associated compressed air accessories as per plant's compressed air requirement

  • Installation & Commissioning of various types of Air Compressors including Reciprocating, Screw & Centrifugal Air Compressors & various accessories

  • Installation & Commissioning of various types of Dryers

  • Installation of Air Receivers with Auto drains

  • Routing & Installation of Compressed Air Piping, Auto drains etc as per best engineering practice

  • Installation of Compressed Air Flow Meters

  • Trouble shooting various issues related with various types of air compressors & Driers &   accessories

    Electrical & Controls Experience:

  • Installation & routing of various electrical & control cabling

  • Installation of Smart Energy Meters

  • Installation & Commissioning of VFD/VSD on air compressors of various types

  • Exposure to installation, commissioning of PID Controllers & working of PLC/SCADA system for compressed air systems

  • Basic Service / Trouble shooting experience related with electrical & control related issues for motor, VFDs, PLC etc.

    Instrumentation Experience:

  • Working knowledge about various types of air flow meters

  • Installation & Commissioning of Pressure, Vibration and Temperature Sensors, dew point sensors & air flow meters

  • Experience in usage of ultrasonic air leak detector

  • Installation of sandwich/wafer/flanged ended instruments on pipelines of various sizes

  • Calibration of various flow meters/sensors according to the various media the meters/sensors are monitoring

Interested applicants are requested to mention the position in the subject line and send their applications with resumes as an attachment to

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