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Intelligent Efficiency for Industries

Intelligent Efficiency is the marriage of energy efficiency with digitization technology.

Technology is increasingly becoming intelligent. IoT (Internet of Things), BigData, Machine Learning, Smart Tech., AI (Artificial Intelligence), etc. are much more than buzzwords in the world of energy efficiency.

What makes efficiency intelligent?

Internet Enabled (IoT): The Internet of Things is a crucial ingredient for intelligent efficiency. Through the use of the cloud environment (where data is stored), equipments and operations can be optimized by leveraging the insights of others using the same equipment.

Communication: Computers are connected and communicate with one another to use algorithms and ultimately make decisions without human involvement. The network of energy intensive devices/ equipment/ machines that are digitally connected with one another and create and share information that results in the true power of intelligent efficiency by optimizing energy use and reducing carbon footprint.

Data Collection (Big Data): Intelligent effciency enables real-time data processing, a term that refers to the abilities of computer systems and machines to continuously and automatically process data and provide real-time or near-time outputs and insights.

Cyber-physical systems are able to create a cyber manufacturing environment that offers real-time data collection, analysis, and transparency across every aspect of a manufacturing operation.

Industry 4.0: The future is Here!

Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data. Industry 4.0 captures the significant transformation regarding the way we produce products thanks to the digitization of manufacturing. This transition is so compelling that it is being called Industry 4.0 to represent the fourth revolution that has occurred in manufacturing. with the adoption of computing and communication technology that enhances it with intelligent systems fueled by data and machine learning.

Industry 4.0 empowers business owners to better control and understand every aspect of their operation, and allows them to leverage instant data to boost productivity, improve processes, and drive growth while gaining cost savings.

Smart manufacturing: Make Factories Great Again

Sensors, automated control systems, data management, information networks, and analytics platforms make smart manufacturing facilities. These features help monitor energy and actively optimize systems to achieve the greatest efficiency and productivity at the lowest costs.

A combination of cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things makes the smart factory a reality. As a result of the support of smart machines that keep getting smarter as they get access to more data, our factories will become more efficient and productive and less wasteful.

Advantages of Intelligent Efficiency

Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing factories bring us umpteen benefits by empowering a clean and energy efficienct

  1. Identify opportunities: The tremendous amounts of data that is collected through connected machines can be analyzed to identify patterns and insights that would be impossible to discern from manually recorded data and human observation. This gives rise to the opportunity to optimize operations and energy use most efficiently by knowing what needs attention.

  2. Important system reliablity: Intelligent efficiency can also improve system reliability and allow facilities to reduce or manage the demand on cite — in some cases reducing generation capacity or offsetting the need to add new generation capacity.

  3. Learning (of machines): With time computers have the ability to learn and improve on their own through artificial intelligence—without being explicitly told or programmed to do so. The softwares can predict future demand and capacity by studying the data collected in the previous months. Within this system, we can model the energy consumption patterns of individual equipments helping customers make informed decisions about new technologies and retrofits. Be it energy efficient motors or battery technologies, energy savings can now be calculated even before new equipment is purchased.

  4. Supply chain management and optimization—Intelligent and efficient solutions give businesses greater insight, control, and data visibility across their entire supply chain. By leveraging supply chain management capabilities, companies can deliver products and services to market faster, cheaper, and with better quality to gain an advantage over less-efficient competitors.

  5. Predictive maintenance/analytics— Smart Manufacturing facilities have the ability to predict when potential problems are going to arise before they actually happen. Without IoT enabled Energy Management Systems in place, preventive maintenance happens manually based on routine or time rather than being automated and streamlined. Intelligent systems can empower you to solve potential issues before they become bigger problems by pointing you in the right direction. Predictive analytics allow companies to not just ask reactive questions like, “what has happened?,” or “why did it happen?,” but also proactive questions like, “what is going to happen,” and, “what can we do to prevent it from happening?”

To build a sustainable, scalable enterprise in today’s business environment, energy management systems can help leverage real time data by streamling processes, optimize production and reducing operational energy costs.

Q: How could you leverage data to make more informed decisions?

A: Energeia's Energy Management System

How Energeia Help Your Business

Energeia can help you implement Industry 4.0 technology into your manufacturing business. We provide customizable software, Energy Management System that is designed around your energy needs. Contact us to learn more.

Savings Potential is worth your Attention. As facilities smarten up it is now time for the occupants to catch up. Contact Energeia to learn how you can become intelligent with regards to efficiency in your facilities.



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