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Location: New Delhi  |  Type: Full Time

We are looking for an Engineering Manager to undertake commercial energy efficiency projects. 

The mission of this role is to optimize the energy consumption of Commercial Buildings by first evaluating the performance of the existing HVAC system at customer premise & subsequently designing & commissioning an

improved solution to improve the HVAC system performance in terms of reduced specific energy consumption

(Kwh/TR) for cooling

  • Carrying out the energy audits for the existing HVAC system at the customer premise & finding the energy conservation measures (ECMs)

  • Designing a solution against every Energy Conservation Measures identified

  • Preparation of technical RFQ (request for quotation) & subsequently carrying out the technical bid evaluation of various sub-vendors offers.

  • Co-ordination of the installation of various HVAC’s ECMs in co-ordination with erection sub-vendors.

  • Lead the commissioning of various energy conservation measures at customer site.

  • The right candidate would be paid a competitive salary

  • All work travel expenses would be reimbursed

​The person should have at least 4 years of experience in HVAC system design as well as it’s installation &
commissioning as elaborated below:

  • Design Experience:

  1. Calculation of building heating & cooling load

  2. Design calculations & proper selection of the following equipment of the HVAC system (high & low side):

    • Chillers (air & water cooled), Packaged Air conditioners, VRF systems

    • Primary & Secondary Pumping System

    • Condenser Pumping System

    • Cooling Towers

    • AHU, FCUs

    • Control Valves

  3. Design of the Water Side Piping System & Air side ducting system for HVAC system

  • Commissioning experience:

  1. Clear understanding of the operational logics & interlocks for the complete HVAC system (high as well as low side)

  2. Experience of commissioning water- & air-cooled chiller-based HVAC system with specific experience of:

    • Commissioning of the Air- & Water-Cooled Chillers

    • Commissioning of complete pumping system including the primary, secondary & condenser pumps

    • Commissioning of the Cooling Tower

    • Complete piping system (includes piping, valves & fittings) of the high side equipment of HVAC system

    • Installation & routing of various cablinr gs of the above equipment’s

    • Exposure to PLC/SCADA based operation of the HVAC system


  • Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical or Electrical

  • Additional Qualification:

    • Proficiency in AutoCAD, MS Office

    • Knowledge of various ASHRAE Standards

    • Knowledge of latest Energy Conservation Building Code

Interested applicants are requested to mention the position in the subject line and send their applications with resumes as an attachment to

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